Parking Lot Installation

Parking Lot Construction Services in Gainesville

Gainesville Asphalt Paving Pros is proud to be a top commercial asphalt company serving Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Our commercial paving contractors are highly-experienced in the asphalt industry and install pavement for both large and small businesses. Whether you need paving for a large shopping center, resurfacing for an apartment complex, or just a couple parking spaces installed, we look forward to helping with all your asphalt paving and maintenance needs!

Great Paving – Start-to-Finish

A new asphalt parking lot needs to be installed properly to last for years and be a reliable surface. Starting the asphalt paving project with grading that allows for correct water drainage is important. Secondly, a strong sub base must be installed that has the structural integrity to withstand the heavy traffic commercial parking lots encounter. And, finally, the top layer we install is a high-quality asphalt pavement surface that has long term durability.

Standing water can cause issues in the long run and lead to asphalt deterioration. That is why we ensure that every paving job has correct drainage installed before we begin paving. By ensuring excess water is prevented, future asphalt repairs are kept to a minimum.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed commercial paving contractor in Gainesville with years of experience in the paving industry. Our highly trained crew offer a wide range of services, including:

We offer free quotes for all of our asphalt services. Our estimator looks forward to discussing your upcoming paving projects with you and providing a bid and expert advice. An asphalt parking area is an investment, but one that pays off in customer satisfaction, safety, and curb appeal.

Your Parking Lot Partner

We work with property managers to not only install, but also provide asphalt repair and routine maintenance for their parking lots to keep them properly maintained. Our full-range of services ensures your parking areas are always in great condition. From pothole repair to sealcoating, we have the tools, training and equipment to help with all your paving needs. Whether you want to upgrade from a gravel parking lot or need preventative maintenance for old asphalt, call us for a free estimate.



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Parking Lot Installation

Our paving contractors are true professionals in the construction industry, with the training and right equipment to install a new parking lot that will reflect well on your business. Safe, smooth asphalt parking lots are affordable, easy to maintain, and reliable.

Parking Lot Repaving

If your existing parking lot needs to be completely replaced, call us to tear out and repave it. Start over fresh with a properly installed parking lot you can rely on for many years. Our paving contractors pay attention to details and do an excellent job.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Cost-effective resurfacing may be the best way to repair an asphalt parking lot with uneven surfaces and alligator cracks. When the foundation is in good shape it can be kept intact, while a thin top layer is removed and hot mix asphalt is paved on top.


What Steps are Involved in Proper Installation?

Commercial asphalt paving needs to hold up to environmental stressors and heavy traffic without failing. It is a material that is uniquely suited to do just that, but it must be installed properly from the start. Site development and grading helps ensure that water drains properly. Then, a strong sub base layer is made using the correct mix and thickness of materials suited to your asphalt project. Finally, a high quality asphalt surface layer is paved on top, creating a beautiful finished product and smooth driving surface. Seal coating, pavement marking, and line striping to ADA compliance are the finishing touches and make your parking lot really stand out.